About Wet Infrastructure Summit 2018

GCC governments have earmarked more than $100 billion in their water sectors to improve desalination technologies, maximise on water treatments, and expand water networks in the region.

The region has over the years gained experience in mitigating and managing the risks that threaten water supply by implementing new strategies, techniques and new technologies. Countries within the GCC have extensive development plans for water, as they seek to extend or upgrade their water infrastructure, making it more sustainable and efficient whilst also ensuring that national requirements continue to be met in the future.

The “Wet Infrastructure Summit 2018” is combining the Drainage and Stormwater Networks Series done in the GCC under one umbrella to details opportunities and requirements for designing, constructing, refurbishing, operating and maintaining effective, sewage, drainage networks, treatment, coastal restoration and maintenance of all water assets in each country in the GCC.

Abu Dhabi has invited international firms to express interest in building one of the world’s biggest water desalination plants to boosts capacity to meet rising demand.

Bahrain will invest $4bn over the next five years to develop its power and water infrastructure, and said to announce the construction of a sewerage network, construction and maintenance of a sewerage network for houses.

Egyptian Government says capital expenditure of over USD 2 billion will be invested into water supply and more than USD 3.5 billion will go into wastewater between 2015 and 2020.

Saudi Arabia will soon have one of the world’s largest water pipelines, more than 900-kilometer transmission system that will pump nearly 4 million cubic meters per day (cum/d) of water from Jubail Industrial City to the capital of Riyadh and This year, SWCC announced plans to invest about $80 billion by 2025 to increase desalinated water production to 8.5 million m3/d. In addition, the National Water Company (NWC) has invested nearly $6.7 billion on more than 300 water projects in the fields of service, infrastructure development and water treatment in Makkah, Riyadh, Taif and Jeddah.

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