The programme will address themes including the following:

  • Rehabilitation and maintenance and drainage networks
  • O&M solutions for utilities
  • Asset Management
  • Maintenance: weirs, storm-surge barriers, guiding structures, pumping plants, culverts, bridges, controlling systems, operating systems, and tunnel installations
  • Combined wet and dry utilities
  • Water sensitive urban design including BIM
  • Wastewater, Sewage
  • Irrigation
  • Dams and Channels
  • Flood proofing
  • Coastal restoration & environmental issues with SWD projects
  • Modelling for water projects
  • Regulation with regards to land acquisition and municipal services
  • Source control
  • Underground tunnelling
  • Remote systems
  • Pumping stations and monitored controlling systems
  • Treating industrial waste

The summit programme is currently being researched and developed.

If you feel that you have an exciting project or case-study to share and would like to be considered as a speaker, or to suggest a topic that you feel should be addressed at the summit, please contact